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2007January 2007 Snowfall in Asheville, North Carolina
Kitties Sunbathing
Curious Icelandic Sheep
Baby Icelandic Lamb
Baby Dairy Goats Playing
Sheep in Pasture on Cool Evening
Free Range Chickens
Baby Guinea Fowl Chick
Icelandic Sheep in Full Wool
Kudzu Blossom
Adorable Icelandic Lamb
Icelandic Sheep Crowding Around for Grain
Gladys Grand Pyrenees Livestock Guarding Dog
Millie Livestock Guarding Donkey
Rhode Island Red Rooster
Beautiful Icelandic Ram
Light Brahma Rooster
Green Pastures on Christmas 2007
Toggenburg Dairy Goat Buck
Icelandic Sheep Close-Up
Moss Covered Tree
Lulu, Our Dachshund, in Autumn Leaves
Twisted Tree Trunk
Pine Needles in Rain
Pair of Icelandic Rams
2008 Opossum Caught in Chicken Coop
Close-Up of Roosters Face
Brown and White Icelandic Ewe
Adorable Baby Dairy Goat with Floppy Ears
Farm Cat Relaxing
Icelandic Sheep Mom with Baby
Cute, Black Icelandic Sheep Baby
Cute, Black Icelandic Sheep Baby Crying for Milk
Donkey with Ice on Whiskers
Icelandic Sheep Mom with Two Baby Sheep
Black and White Baby Sheep Twins
How Sheep are Sheared
Rooster Crowing
Fresh Cherries on Tree
Wild Blackberries
Fresh Peaches on Tree
Funny Looking Polish Chicken
Americana Chicken Blue Eggs
Young Black Angus Cow
Farm Flock of Guinea Hens
Nubian Goat Buck
2009 Guinea Rooster and Hen
Colorful, Wild Rooster
Free Range Hen with Chick
1 Month Old Chick
Spring Apple Blossoms
Mille Fleur, Bantam Rooster and Hen
Close-up of Black Sheep Lamb
Surprised Looking Golden Hen Chicken
Pair of White Farm Ducks Swimming
Chick Riding on top of Sheep
Close-up of Sunflower
Wild Blueberries
Duck Egg and Chicken Egg
Goat in Garden
Hen in Nest Box with Chicks
Fresh Tobacco Hanging to Dry
Tobacco Leaves Drying in Open Tobacco Barn
Goat Peeking in Open Barn Door
Cold Rooster in Snow
Muddy Duck
2010 Hen and Rooster Standoff - 1
Hen and Rooster Standoff - 2
Hen and Rooster Standoff - 3
Hen and Rooster Standoff - 4
Hen and Rooster Standoff - 5
Americauna Rooster Looking at Camera
Pair of Farm Ducks
Colorful, Early Morning Roosters
2011 Magnolia Tree Blossoms
Fragrant Magnolia Flower
Back Side of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC
2012 Talking Pig at Warren Wilson College
Brown Cow Along Roadside Fence
Flowering Dogwood Blossoms
Biltmore Estate Belgian Draft Horse
Fresh Turnip in Garden
Brown Naked-Neck Chicken
White Turken Chicken
Radish Leaves with Dew Drops
2013 Skunk Caught in Chicken Coop
Llama at Eliada Home in Asheville, NC
Tulip Poplar Tree
Baby Blue Jay
Pig Puddle
Tree Overloaded with Peaches
Close-Up of Buffalo Bison
Western North Carolina Autumn Colors
Colorful Mushrooms on Forest Floor
2014 Spring Puddle Filled with Frog Eggs
Clusters of Frog Eggs
Biker Bulldog Wearing Goggles
Young hens, relaxing in the barnyard
Little frog with moss camouflage
Overview of frog that looks like moss
Colorful autumn leaves in compost pile
2015 Goat udder full of chocolate milk
Bourbon Red heritage turkey tom
Toulouse Goose, your iconic farm goose
Funny looking Turken-Silkie Chicken Cross
Rescued Black Swan
Chinese goose gander
Curly-feathered Sebastopol goose
Impressive longhorn bull grazing across the fence in Fairview, NC
One of the adorable, charming, young cashmere goat buck at the Biltmore house in Asheville
2016 Royal Palm tom, a heritage turkey breed
Sweet little bearded chicken hen
Curious little white silkie chicken hen
Chicken coops with a definite DIY shingling job
Icelandic sheep ram who did NOT want to get sheared
Garden full of volunteer vegetables
Amazing amount of blueberries from a few spindly blueberry bushes
Farm Decor Tip: Using garden tools for door handles
2017 Strawberries on the first of May
Can you identify this 3' tall garden weed we mistakenly pulled today?
Fresh bulb of volunteer ginger in the garden
Awesome DIY solar eclipse viewer/project (because everyplace was out of glasses)
Funny cow closeup
Wild turkey on misty morning
Box turtle closeup
Curious cow and cat
Hen extreme closeup
Arthur, our wonderful new livestock guard llama arrives just in time for Christmas 2017
2018 Cool close-up of cow's wet nose
Garden spider preparing our garden for Halloween 2018
Carolina bison tour | (Video)
Autumn leaf peeping in Western North Carolina | (Panoramic Scroll)
How to get rid of a woodchuck - case study | (Video)
February 2014 Snow Storm in Western North Carolina | (Panoramic Scroll)
February 2014 Snow Storm in Asheville, North Carolina | (Panoramic Scroll)
February 2014 Snow Storm as Lulu (our dacshund mix) returns from checking on livestock | (Video)
2008 Farm Photo Archives | Summer Evening after Rain | (Panoramic Scroll)
January 2016 Morning After 3-Blizzard | (Panoramic Scroll)
2019 Getting a jump on spring gardening | Starting lettuce indoors in Dixie cups
Foggy March morning in Asheville mountains
Black rat snake crawling up tree
Snapping turtle in our front yard
4th of July garden harvest
Monarch caterpillars on milkweed plant
Garden soil experiment
Cardboard box gardening
2020 Little hen that could!
2021 Adorable Shetland sheep
LaMancha dairy goat
Beautiful rainbow panorama

Photos of sheep being sheared

Icelandic sheep before being sheared
Icelandic sheep after being sheared
Icelandic sheep with all its wool
Icelandic sheep with no wool
Sheep shearing day in Asheville, NC
How a sheep is sheared
Icelandic sheep in Asheville, NC after it has been sheared

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