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2007 January 2007 Snowfall in Asheville, North Carolina
Kitties Sunbathing
Sheep in Pasture on Cool Evening
Kudzu Blossom
Green pastures on Christmas 2007
Moss Covered Tree
Lulu, Our Dachshund, in Autumn Leaves
Twisted Tree Trunk
Pine Needles in Rain
2008Donkey with Ice on Whiskers
2009Spring Apple Blossoms
Close-up of Sunflower
Wild Blueberries
Goat in Garden
Fresh Tobacco Hanging to Dry
Tobacco Leaves Drying in Open Tobacco Barn
Cold Rooster in Snow
Muddy Duck
2010Colorful, Early Morning Roosters
2011 Magnolia Tree Blossoms
Fragrant Magnolia Flower
Back Side of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC
2012Flowering Dogwood Blossoms
2013Tulip Poplar Tree
Western North Carolina Autumn Colors
Colorful Mushrooms on Forest Floor
2014 Spring Puddle Filled with Frog Eggs
Clusters of Frog Eggs
Little frog with moss camouflage
Overview of frog that looks like moss
Colorful autumn leaves in compost pile
2017 Strawberries on the first of May
Awesome DIY solar eclipse viewer/project (because everyplace was out of glasses)
Wild turkey on misty morning
Arthur, our wonderful new livestock guard llama arrives just in time for Christmas 2017
2019Foggy March morning in Asheville mountains
2021 Beautiful rainbow panorama

Asheville Weather Related
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February 2014 Snow Storm in Asheville, North Carolina | (Panoramic Scroll)
February 2014 Snow Storm as Lulu (our dacshund mix) returns from checking on livestock | (Video)
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January 2016 Morning After 3-Blizzard | (Panoramic Scroll)

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