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Icelandic Sheep in North Carolina?! How's that working out?

Icelandic Sheep do wonderfully in Asheville!

While we're not currently breeding Icelandic sheep for sale at Asheville Farm, we've had tremendous results. Most of our ewe's had twins with an occassional single or set of triplets. Rarely did we have stillbirths and the great majority delivered without assistance. As for the heat, we make sure that the herd always has access to plentiful, fresh drinking water and shade. Our local shearer visits twice a year... usually around April and late July or early August (since Icelandic wool grows about an inch a month). Flys can be a problem, however, so we breed with the hope that the ewes will deliver in March, before fly season starts. Fly openings on rams are a bigger problem for us since rams tend to butt heads -- which causes ugly skin openings. And, unfortunately, our Icelandic rams are extremely difficult to catch and patch (in order to prevent flies from irritating their battle cuts).

If you need an immediate Icelandic sheep experience (just without any of the adorable sheep sounds and smells), visit our shearing day before-and-after photo gallery.

Where to buy Icelandic sheep around Asheville

There are a few number of farms in Western NC with Icelandic Sheep. You may want to visit the website of the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America for a list of other local sources. Also, the Western North Carolina Nature Center had Icelandics in their petting farm the last time we paid them a visit so you could contact them for leads on who in the immediate area has Icelandics.

"Do you sell your Icelandic sheep wool?"

Yes we do. But, since we currently have a very small flock, it is on a first-to-call-first-to-buy basis.

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