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Where to Buy, Sell, Trade, or Adopt-Out Goats in Asheville, NC

"Do You Have Goats for Sale?"

Since we're not breeding goats at this time, you may want to contact the Piedmont Dairy Goat Association. This is a large, local group of hobby farmers, backyard goat ranchers and even people with sizeable herds. Chances are, someone in the group probably has, or is interested in, whatever it is that you need -- in terms of dairy goats.

You can also often find goats for sale in the Farm & Garden section at or by checking the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Projects local farm directory.

"Do You Sell Raw Goat's Milk?"

People often ask if we, or any of our neighbors, sell raw goat milk off their farm. Unfortunately, we do not. As far as we know, the sale of raw milk for human consumption is still prohibited in North Carolina.

"Do You Offer Goat Stud Services?"

Another goat related question we hear surprisingly often is if we rent our Toggenburg buck goat for breeding purposes. Sorry, but we can't be of service there, either. Our wonderful Toggenburg goat buck, Byron, has been castrated so that we don't have to put up with his ornery goat buck behavior or horrible smell for 6 months every year. The Carl Sandburg National Home in Flat Rock, NC has a wonderful herd that includes Nubians, Saanens and Toggenburgs. If you contact the farm manager there, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

"Do You Offer Goat Weed-Eating Services?"

Lastly, the question of renting goats for weed-eating purposes comes up occasionally. We tried this for a short while but 1) there is a lot of transport and set-up time, 2) the concern of dogs breaching our portable fencing is too nerve-wracking and... 3) the final straw was when our bucks developed life-threatening calcium crystals in their urinary track from eating too much kudzu weed. (Apparently doe goats are more anatomically suited than bucks for passing calcium crystals.) So, we've put that career path on hold, as well. Around 2010, the local Mountain Express newspaper featured a farm from somewhere here in Western North Carolina that specializes in this service. You may want to contact that publication.

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