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How to Get Rid of a Woodchuck (Groundhog) WITHOUT poisons or traps!

i'd been filling-in this woodchuck's hole (against and under the barn) and covering it with boulders for weeks. but he kept digging new holes farther and farther out.

finally, i dumped an entire container of human, pet and pest-safe, granulated rosemary, cinnamon and mint oil, ortho animal-b-gon in and around his hole. (you may see the bluish-gray pellets scattered.) to leave him no doubt about my intentions, i then stuffed the empty container down deep into his hole!

one of the animals featured on the label is a woodchuck -- and this stuff seems to work! this was our very last sighting of him. i recommend ortho animal-b-gon highly!



at the time of this post last fall, i assumed that the woodchuck had evacuated.
it turns out, he had merely hibernated.

first thing come spring, the empty plastic container of ortho animal-b-gon mint granules was lying 4-foot outside the hole and there were signs of a lot of activity.

Woodchuck Removal Option 2:

i called the county extension office for advice. they'd heard of people placing 1960-type disco lights and music and motion-detecting lawn sprinklers and other tricks to make the area less hospitable to a woodchuck. but, since woodchucks learn pretty quickly, the only 'effective but non-lethal' solution is to get a dog.

instead, i decided to unrolled about 15-feet of 4-foot wide woven-wire farm fencing over top the hole and along the barn. that worked!

but a few weeks later, he had dug a new hole on the exact opposite side of the barn to apparently meet up with his first hole. (these two holes were 40-foot away from each other but exactly opposite each other!)

so, i unrolled another 40-feet of fencing along that side of the barn, and another 40-feet on each of the other sides.

it's been several months now with no sign of activity. hooray!
now, i just have to stay mindful of all this weed-covered fencing that's lying on the ground when mowing!

PS: i see this year that ortho has removed the woodchuck image from the label of animal-b-gon.

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