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Container garden soil experiment

Container garden soil experiment

October 2019 - "If you have a dollar to spend on your garden, spend 10 cents on plants and 90 cents on soil!" ...Some wise old gardener

In early October, we bought a few bags of deeply discounted organic potting mix. Since radishes are ready to pick in just a few weeks and I had a few seed packets that were 4 years old, I figured it would be fast and easy to plant them in cardboard boxes. Certainly the boxes would last at least that long and I could bring them indoors if we got a crazy cold night.

I didn't realize until we got home that what we bought was 1 bag of more expensive organic potting mix (loomy and intended for container gardening -- perfect for what I had in mind with our cardboard boxes) and 2 bags of less expensive garden soil (intended for mixing into existing outdoor garden soil).

After 4 weeks, here is the difference soil quality makes for gardening.
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