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Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Goats & Sheep Running Free in Asheville, NC!

Located just five miles north of beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, Asheville Farm is home to a pampered, ever-changing collection of Icelandic sheep, dairy goats, free-range chickens and Guinea fowl local, farm-fresh eggs and a small but growing orchard of organically-grown peaches, plums, apples, blueberries and lots of tomatoes, peppers, and other fresh vegetables from mom's garden.

Locally Grown and Raised, Farm Fresh Provisions in Asheville

While we are not currently selling any products to the public or hosting farm tours, you may enjoy following along as our farm has evolved over the years. Just wander over to the farm photos section or the sheep shearing day before-and-after pictures.

And, while we're certainly not experts on topics such as...

- what's the best way to medicate a sick pet chicken?
- where can we buy goat meat for the holiday?
- who in the area may need a farm intern for the summer?
- why isn't it possible to buy raw milk in North Carolina?

...we try to reply to email inquiries as much as time permits.

Thank you for your interest in Asheville Farm!

Asheville Farm

yay! a wonderfulllly woolllly Christmas arrivallll (12 Dec)

what happens when the fellas from Blue Collar Comedy shingle a roof?! (04 Mar)

Eeeyyaaauuugghhhhh! forecast calls for more winter! fortunately, extended forecast calls for more evenings like this (13 Feb)

the 1st in our new series, Where Your Food Comes From - Chocolate Milk (18 Mar)

twice-a-year sheep shearing | before and after photos (10 May)

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Fresh, Local Provisions in Asheville, North Carolina
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